Meet Laura French:

The Mom Lawyer

Hi, I'm Laura French, The Mom Lawyer®. Mom of one; lawyer to many.

Here's a little about me: I'm the mom to one remarkable young man. I'm the attorney for many wonderful clients from every walk of life. Both my son and my clients challenge me on a daily basis to be my best. Some days I succeed; other days I fall short and even fail.

My job as a mom and as an attorney is to bring out the most in who I am working with, whether that is my son or my client. When I became a mom, it certainly changed the perspective I bring to the table in working with clients; I believe for the better. I'm going to try and capture the lessons I am learning along the way, in a format that will hopefully entertain you and possibly enhance your life.

Over the last few years of practice and life, I've tried to loosen up a bit, ease the professional facade, start having a little more fun, worry less (ha!), deepen connections, and take bold steps towards my personal and professional goals. Hence, this more personal website.

I've been encouraged by a friend to use my voice, so here goes. I hope you like listening as much as I do – let me hear from you!

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