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The Course

I am excited to have you join me for this one-of-a-kind course to help you build your estate planning skills, refine your practice, while empowering you to show up as a woman in the law to achieving what YOU want.

I'm Laura French, The Mom Lawyer®, founder and owner of French Law Group, LLC. I'm in the business of planning, protecting, and teaching. I help folks plan and protect their lives, loved ones, their business, and their brands through estate planning, business strategy, and trademark protection. The common thread of my work is education - teaching clients, team members, and my community - how to use legal solutions to achieve peace of mind. Now, I want to share my experience and expertise with YOU. 

There's no program focusing on YOU as a legal practitioner and YOU as a woman. Like me, you may be a mom lawyer. Or, you may be a mom in other ways - for extended family, the family you chose, your friends, and community. But let’s be clear - mothering doesn't just mean being a mom to a child. Women mother in a million different ways, including through our legal work.

The law needs women. Women need to practice law as women – nurturers, mothers, lovers, champions of the vulnerable, warriors for justice, changemakers. But – and we all know what I am about to say - nothing in the legal world was built for women. FACTS. Nothing in the legal industry is designed around YOU, your skills, talents, and your deepest desires to serve your clients, community, family, and yourself. I'm going to help you find the best way to align your legal awesomeness with your personal badassery.

Estate Planning is an act of love. We are going to start by exploring the question “what is estate planning?” You’ll learn new ways to view your practice and your approach with clients. From there we will dive into the reasons you may choose estate planning as a practice area, who you want to serve, and how you want to do it. Each week you’ll get practical tips and the opportunity to ask questions about your client issues. I’ll share real-life examples, cautionary tales, and heartwarming stories as a MOM and a LAWYER that will help you grow and see your work in an entirely new light. 

Throughout the course, you’ll get downloadable templates developed and refined over my 25 years of practice. Templates will range from fee structure to firing letters. We’ll cover glidepaths, time blocking, and the use of delegation and technology to make your life easier. Finally, we will talk about being true to yourself and your passions, so you can best serve your chosen clients.

Overall, this course is about the duality of estate planning: the impact not only on your clients, but also on YOU! We will cover the importance of estate planning to your client’s lives, the gift of peace to your client’s loved ones, and the impact of estate planning on the health of your community. Each session, there will be components covering the legal/technical work of estate planning and how estate planning as a practice area can and should work for YOU! With real-life examples, cautionary tales, and hard-earned lessons, you’ll walk away with actionable steps and a fresh perspective. Let’s dive in!

  • Weekly Lessons focusing on both the legal/technical aspects of estate planning and YOU as a woman in the law.

  • Weekly homework assignments based on the lessons and an opportunity to share and collaborate with your mates

  • Exclusive Resource Lists of things that are The Mom Lawyer® approved!

  • Surprise Weekly Bonus for Beta-Testers: This may be a PowerPoint, a Webinar recording, or a Special Guest Lesson.

  • Private, Members-only Facebook community 

  • For Early Sign Ups ONLY: 45 minute brainstorming session with Laura French, The Mom Lawyer® 

*Surprise Weekly Bonus: This may be a PowerPoint, Webinar recording, or a Special Guest Lesson! 


* Exclusive 45 minute 1:1 brainstorming session with Laura French, The Mom Lawyer

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