Bringing Rep. Ellmers up to a Nine-Year Old’s Level #women #knowyourvalue #reneeellmers #waronwomen

On more than one occasion, my nine-year old son has observed that these United States of America should have a female President. He's made these remarks on his own, out of the blue, and without prompting. He’s started several conversations with his father and me asking why the USA hasn’t elected a woman as President. What this tells me is that our son has learned the value of female leadership and is not threatened by it. His belief in the ability of women to lead obviously started at home, a home that encourages him to think and express himself. Equal credit to his dad and me for this environment.

So how has a 9 year old little boy in the American South learned the value of female leadership, while a female elected official has so badly missed the boat? Why did she run for public office (a feat I am not willing to undertake despite consistent encouragement to so do)? Was her purpose to lead? Or was it to cater to the lowest common denominator in order to garner a vote or two? Does she really believe what she said? Did she think the men to whom she was speaking would think she was “cool” for undermining women and putting us in our place? Did she think she was telling her audience what it wanted to hear? Did she think it would lead to more for her own position within the political establishment? The latter questions are most troubling and deserve scrutiny from women and men alike.

Rep. Ellmers' statements are, even in this completely dysfunctional political atmosphere, astonishing, and infuriating. They harken to what I thought was a bygone era in which women were set aside, patted on the head, and expected to look pretty while keeping their mouths shut. A time in which women had to play dumb to get along and be accepted. A time when women were routinely told their intellectual capacity wasn't enough. When women were expected to only fill specific roles even when their ambitions were far greater. When women themselves failed to recognize and pursue their inherent value.

Female leadership takes many forms; women move our homes, communities, and country forward in everyday and extraordinary ways. By teaching a young child the value of the feminine perspective. By holding public office. By leading. I am enormously proud that our young son has learned this lesson. He's available to teach this lesson to Rep. Ellmers and bring the conversation UP to a woman's level. Or at least to the level of a 9-year old.

Rep. Ellmers full remarks may be found here:

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