Rail in the ATL

Many people have raised TSPLOST in the last two days, some claiming that TSPLOST would have alleviated the traffic and commuter nightmare experienced by so many on Tuesday/Wednesday of this week. So, I went back and took a look at TSPLOST project lists to see what, if any, impact TSPLOST would have had, assuming all projects could have been completed since the day of the vote. Sorry, I'm just not buying that TSPLOST would have done anything to help with the situation this week. I will add, however, that the idea of a true local and regional rail system is fascinating to me. If we had leaders among our elected officials, the rail system would be at the forefront of the conversation. The construction itself would lead to an economic boom. The foresight and innovation in undertaking such a massive public project would garner international attention and interest. The completion of the project would serve to change the way our fast paced lives are led; I believe it could be a change for the better. Food for thought.


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